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We're Mari and Ali.


We are recognized as two of the top vaulting athletes in the United States.


Having been to 5 of the most recent World Equestrian Games, competed several times at the prestigious CHIO Aachen, plus multiple international (CVI) competitions and World Cup Events we have lived the life of successful equestrian athletes... and now we want to share our competitive secrets with you!


We are living our passion and want you to be part of it!


We know how to put in the hard days of training, we each have a huge drive to succeed, and are constantly pushing our clients to be their best… but we also are known to burst into laughter during almost all of our photo shoots, bust out sporadic dance moves in between workout sets, and know what it’s like to have all your troubles soothed with some good (slightly slobbery) horse kisses and cuddles. We have fun. We work hard. We want to include you in this lifestyle we have created.


We strive to be the best we possibly can while having the time of our lives, and we are SO looking forward having you on our team!


Ali and Mari

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The Program

built just for you

Whether you need to add yoga, fitness, nutrition or just need the proper guidance to stay committed to your goals, we’ve got you covered. Oh and by the way, this is going to be so much fun!