Check out Mari and Ali in action in some of these featured publications within the Equestrian World!


US Equestrian Learning Center

In their newly launched online learning center, US Equestrian brings together the biggest names in US Equestrian Sport, allowing champions and experts to become your virtual guides in their equine related video tutorials. You can get an intro to cross country riding with David O Connor, tips on riding spooky horses with Laura Graves and of course Fitness and Yoga with Mari Inouye and Alicen Divita, yours truly of Mind.Body.Vault!

Equestrian Vaulting Magazine

Check out these fun articles featured in Equestrian Vaulting Magazine, including Fitness and Yoga guides for vaulters across the country. 


Fitness for Riders with Dressage Trainer Joan WilliamS

Joan Williams is a well known trainer for dressage athletes, known for her comprehensive approach to training and success as a high level judge. (2015 USEF "R" Dressage Judge 2012 USDF Certified Instructor USDF Bronze, Silver, Gold Medals USDF Gold freestyle bar 2010 USEF "r" Dressage Judge 2009 USDF "L" with distinction 2008 NAWPN Champion)

Ali and Mari collaborated with Joan to produce an episode devoted to fitness with the trainers and riders at Coastal Dressage. Check it out here!