Whether you need to add yoga, fitness, nutrition or just need the proper guidance to stay committed to your goals, we’ve got you covered. Oh and by the way, this is going to be so much fun!

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We want to meet you!

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Live Clinics

You love the at home videos and are ready for more! Have a group of riders all interested in taking your fitness game to the next level? Get everyone together and we will come to you! We will lead you through a day of yoga, fitness, fun discussion, evaluation and the option to leave with a personalized program just for you!

MBV - Retreats

Mind Body Vault Retreats


When was the last time you had a leisurely getaway, just for yourself?! Now you don’t have to feel about about leaving your horse behind, because this is a training camp! Start the day with gentle yoga, learn fun new fitness routines on the beach, finish with meditation (and an optional glass of wine!) as the sun sets. In our holistic rider training camp, you can learn how to support your body with healthy meals, spend time working on your personal goals for riding, receive a program specific for your fitness needs and goals, plus have options to learn how to cook, meditate, prevent injuries with myofascial release techniques and more! Sign up for our retreat list to get more information and even request an event location!